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Red classic story of the war of resistance against Japan

Date: 2015-12-16

Yesterday afternoon, the municipal government, municipal party committee propaganda department staff and zhaoqing middle school more than 200 students and teachers in the star rock hall together to watch the red classic history of the party propaganda film, there would be no new China without the communist party.
Activities by the municipal party committee organization department, municipal party committee propaganda department, city departments directly under the working committee, the municipal party committee party history research center, the city bureau of education, the communist youth league committee organization zhaoqing city.
Film through the lens vividly most was the Japanese army invaded China in 1943, entered the hardest times of Anti-Japanese War, the famous lyrics composer Mars hall of clouds of ridge in the shanxi-chahaer-hebei hinterland, cao village, propaganda party advocating anti-japanese and the hope of China, the personal music talent and patriotic feelings together, to create songs "there would be no new China without the communist party", inspired countless communists in the anti-japanese national front and the cause of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.
After watching film, audiences were film performance YuShuiQingShen party-masses relations with the communist party member selfless dedication, noble morality impressed, everything for the interests of the students have said will always remember our revolutionary of sacrifice and dedication, cherish the hard-won peace today.