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Zhaoqing native painter Li Wu auspicious completed more than 70 meters long painting the xijiang range"

Date: 2015-12-16

"It's just a roll of ordinary poem calligraphy works, but at the same time is also a kind of form, some techniques - use the brush to a desire to be along the spindle, 219 km of xijiang river mountains and rivers, and on both sides of the tributaries, humanities landscape, the outline and colors, please let the peace under the prosperous time of xijiang vista on paper, let people enjoy the zhaoqing landscape."This is zhaoqing native painter Li Wu cheung after writing a volume for more than 70 meters of the xijiang evoque painting after the speech.
Beautiful mountain, slender willow branches, xinghu under the misty rain, a bridge over the flowing stream, and a small farm...Yesterday, the reporter comes to Li Wu auspicious studio, under his guidance, from west to east "visit" again in xijiang for spindle, spring breath as the background, paint line, 219 kilometers is tonal for dark green of the amphibious landscape on both sides.
"After three yuan tower, deqing bridge, here is the yunan nanjiang port."Followed the Li Wu auspicious point, the reporter sees in the plains stand many tall buildings, faint, there is quite a hazy beauty.It is understood that the xijiang range "in the form of poetry, books, paintings of the trinity, with local cultural landscape characteristics, depicting the route taking the amphibious alternates.From wuzhou, for the beginning, via He Jiang, fengkai, huaiji, quang ninh, deqing, luo certain, yunfu, emerging, accept city, small xiang hongqiao, xijiang bridge, zhaoqing xinghu, antelope canyon, the master in a river.
"Through JiMo skill and beauty of the freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting technique to show the hometown, is a way to express love for hometown."Paintings were introduced after many citizens agree, too, "next year plan on the basis of the xijiang evoque, yunnan, guizhou as the starting point, near the mouth of the pearl river to the finish continue to complete the painting."Li Wu cheung said, in the hope that through the calligraphy and painting skill showed off home for future generations.