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Zhaoqing geological science and technology museum exhibition guizhou dragon, tooth fish scales such as precious fossils

Date: 2015-12-16

Geological survey geological brigade 5 zhaoqing of guangdong province geological science and technology museum recently exhibited a batch of precious fossils, 18 November afternoon, the reporter a sneak peek, found on the guizhou dragon, scale fossils such as tooth fish is very precious, rare.
According to geological science and technology museum curator Xu Wenjing, guizhou dragon on display at the museum, tooth fish scales and other precious fossils come from guizhou collection, "a total of 7 pieces of guizhou dragon fossil, two pieces of scale tooth fossils of fish."
Reporter saw, the "dragon" in guizhou guizhou dragon fossil about 30 cm in length, they are long and thin, long neck, small head tail.
Xu Wenjing told reporters: "dragon fossil discovered in 1957 in guizhou province of guizhou xingyi county, so this kind of ancient times amphibious reptiles known as the" guizhou dragon ". Although guizhou dragon and dinosaur is a distant relative, but totally different posture and life habits, it lives in the Triassic period, more than two hundred million and four thousand in ten thousand, was about 10 million years earlier than the lives of the dinosaurs."
Guizhou dragon fossil found in the first time in guizhou xingyi county, also found that the scale of tooth fish fossils.Geological science and technology museum collection of two pieces of scale fish fossils, with guizhou dragon fossil in the exhibition hall.
Reporter saw, the two pieces of scale tooth fish fossils in two "scale tooth fish", a large and a small "big fish" about 26 cm long, "small fish" about 18 cm long.Observe their appearance, with the modern fish, shape a bit like xijiang bream fish.
According to Xu Wenjing, from 199 million to 199 million years ago the Triassic period to the cretaceous period, the scale of tooth fish living in guizhou, yunnan and other places of shallow sea and fresh water lake, 70 million years ago due to the earth's crust changes, once was a sea of guizhou, yunnan and other places become land, tooth fish scales is extinct, buried in the ground slowly turned into a fossil."
Relative dragon, scale of tooth part fish fossils, geological science and technology museum exhibition of calcite although s not so long ago, "only 67 million to 10000 years ago, but a high value for collection. 1 million yuan to buy this one collectors like to calcite, but because we are the main functions of the geological science and technology museum is the popular science education for primary and middle school students is given priority to, so I declined the collector."Xu Wenjing said.
Reporter saw, geological science and technology museum exhibition of the calcite, larger crystal shape strange, "it is because of the larger of calcite, its aggregate after nature guifushengong specific shape, so is very rare in the collection market."Xu Wenjing told reporters.