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The wind community elderly gentleman get rice bran oil

Date: 2015-12-16

Report from our correspondent (reporter Xia Ziyi) on December 12 in the morning, the city of the second moral models Zhong Jian strong united people in the society, teachers and high micro warm volunteer team of teachers and students, together to the DuanZhou area west street to send warm wind community, for the community elderly gentleman, supporting the old, old people who live alone on oil, rice and other articles for daily use and consolation money, and swapping with old people, care about their life.
In the morning, strong Zhong Jian warm and loving people and micro volunteer team of teachers and students, visiting 11 old man together.Every one old man home, strong Zhong Jian told the old man to pay attention to the body;Students take the initiative to play, etc., amuse old man.Live at the infirm of village head sand street where four younger sister 2 of 9 years old this year, when she took the oil meter and other caffeine arts and red envelopes is very happy, said: "thank you. Your true heart, to see you, I am very happy!"