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Zhaoqing city folk public welfare team to participate in the 2015 south China historical and cultural heritage protection BBS

Date: 2015-12-16

Xijiang net news (reporter Liang Qiaoling correspondent Cloris jiao) recently, by guangdong lingnan institute of cultural heritage and history in guangzhou country protection and development association of south China in 2015 (shunde) protection of historical and cultural heritage BBS in shun delun town.Zhaoqing city folk charitable team lingnan culture of the zhaoqing DuanZhou old style and historical buildings and the research plan to be involved in this BBS.
Record the zhaoqing DuanZhou old style and historic buildings and the research plan is one of the BBS in 13 teams, workshops on the same day in the BBS of transboundary exploration activities in the project demonstration, this paper introduces the team over the past three years of research results and the next work plan.
It is understood that public interest group is a committed to carry forward the lingnan culture and the zhaoqing culture spreading volunteer team.Lingnan public cultural group in the project is in the zhaoqing QiLou Street (ancient streets) research and promote the plan on the basis of further complement and deepen.Project plan organization DuanZhou people in the different age, different sectors of the recent years old changes more severe blocks and historical buildings in regular and continuous shot records and observation, and collect relevant written materials, in order to "in history", established for DuanZhou old city "image" and "text" of public databases.